Arts and Craft Ideas for Toddlers: Baking & Cooking

When it comes to arts and craft ideas for toddlers, what on earth could be more fun than baking up a storm with your toddler?

Your kid will absolutely love making a mess in a controlled environment. From the textures and tastes to the colours and aromas, it will be the ultimate bonding and learning experience, and who knows? You may just have something delicious to munch on afterwards.

Behind all the mess, fun and deliciousness, there are so many benefits that toddlers gain from cooking and baking.

Our kids learn through touch, taste, feel, smelling, and listening. Cooking and baking experiences in the kitchen are hugely beneficial because they get to use all their senses.

Before we get into some excellent arts and craft ideas for toddlers, let’s first look at the benefits of cooking and baking for toddlers:

The four significant benefits of cooking and baking for toddlers:

1. Cognitive benefits

Cooking and baking assists in the development of a toddler’s thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills. Furthermore, it builds on the skills they have already acquired by allowing them to practice measuring, reading, and following instructions.

2. Language Development

By encouraging your toddler to talk about what they are baking, it promotes language development. This links to a host of other learning areas such as mathematics (counting and measuring) and helps build self-esteem and confidence.

3. Social benefits

In order to thrive in society, being self

-directed and being able to solve problems are imperative. Helping to show your toddler how to follow a recipe from start to finish will assist in this, and what’s more, they will be able to tell their friends about it.

4. Physical benefits

Cooking or baking are great ways for your child to develop their fine motor skills and even hand-eye coordination. All the mixing, pouring and frosting will be massively beneficial to them in the long run!

Now, for the exciting part! At Big Bears Toy Box, we have a wide variety of arts and craft ideas for toddlers. From baking and cooking to printing and stamping kits.

So, if you’re looking for unique arts and craft ideas for toddlers, here is an excellent selection of baking and cooking ideas including cookie cutters and cake toppers that will get your toddler jumping with excitement.

Christmas Holly Cookie Cutters

With Christmas around the corner, this selection is fitting. This set is an outstanding way for you and your child to truly embrace the Christmas spirit and make cookies for your loved ones. The set includes the following:

  • 7 Christmas cookie cutters; holly, a snowman, a candy cane, a Christmas tree, an angel, a reindeer and of course, Santa Claus

3D Christmas Characters Cookie Cutters

The 3D Christmas Characters Cookie Cutters will turn any baking experience into a world of fun for your toddler. This super festive set includes the following:

  • A collection of 6 Christmas cookie cutters, each with a stand-up base
  • Cutters that can turn cookie dough into the shape of a Christmas tree, a snowman, a reindeer, an angel, a bell or a star.

All you must do is bake the Christmas cookies plus a base for each cookie. Once baked, you can have fun decorating the 3-dimensional cookies and sliding them onto the decorative bases.

Gingerbread House Cookie Cutters

Which child doesn’t love the gingerbread man or gingerbread in general? With this set, your child can bake their very own gingerbread house.

The Gingerbread House Cookie Cutters comes packaged in a lovely themed box, making it a great Christmas gift! The set includes the following:

  • Cutters to create shapes for the roof and house
  • Cutters to make a Christmas tree, a heart, candy canes, and of course, a gingerbread boy,
  • Baking and assembly instructions
  • Recipes, decorating ideas and tips.

Mini Snowfall Cookie Cutters

Last but not least, we have a white Christmas themed cookie cutter set. The Mini Snowfall Cookie Cutters is a set of adorable Christmas cookie cutters packaged in a tin decorated with a snowy design. Perfect as a Christmas present for your toddler. It includes the following:

  • 5 mini cookie cutters; 3 snowflakes, a snowman and of course, a Christmas tree!

So, there you have it, the perfect arts and craft ideas for toddlers! Make sure to visit our site for a whole lot more.

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