Arts and Crafts for Toddlers: The Best Selection of Craft Kits

The mind of a toddler is continuously growing and developing. There are many outside factors and activities that play a crucial role in the development and honing of their mathematics skills, creativity, language skills, personality, and decision making.

One of these outside factors is arts and crafts. Arts and crafts for toddlers are just as important as any other educational activity.

As we outlined in How Arts and Crafts Can Benefit Your Toddler’s Development, arts and crafts for toddlers has a massive impact on their fine motor skills, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, vocabulary and creativity.

More specifically, though, what type of arts and crafts are beneficial to the development of toddlers? Let’s look at some craft kits:

Create and Display Easel

The Create and Display Easel is a fantastic, double-sided easel which offers two height options on each side for children of different heights. Super mobile because of its speed reducing wheels, so your toddler can wheel it around the house.

This can be their introduction to art as the kit comes with a whiteboard, blackboard and colourful painting and drawing accessories. A kit like this one will go a long way in developing your child’s creativity and imagination.

Superclay Pizza

Pizza – one of the most adored dishes on earth! Most kids love it, so what better way to encourage arts and crafts for toddlers than a pizza-themed craft kit?

This kit will surely inspire your child to explore their imagination and creativity, enabling your toddler to make their very own pizzas using super clay and colourful pattern cards.

The kit includes a replica rolling pin and a toy knife to use, and once the pizza is ready, there is a replica pizza cutter (100% safe) to slice up and “serve”.

Not to worry though, the clay is washable and salty, so your toddler won’t want to eat it. If they try to, you can ensure it’s clean before use.

The kit includes the following:

  • Four pots of super colourful clay (red, white, yellow & brown)
  • A replica pizza cutter
  • A replica wooden rolling pin
  • A replica (100% safe) knife
  • olourful pizza pattern cards

Animal Threading

When it comes to arts and crafts for toddlers, this is one of our favourite kits! Animals threading is a great way to teach your child how to thread – beneficial for developing their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and control.

They will never get bored as the kit comes with 30 animal pieces and five different coloured laces.

Every toddler loves animals and what we love most about this kit is the opportunity for toddlers to mix and match the cartoon animals to create jumbled animals – think a cat with a monkey’s head. So much fun!

The animal threading craft kit will also help develop your child’s attention span and may prove extra effective for children with ADHD.

Toddlers love working with bright colours, whether when painting, threading or “baking” pizzas. So be sure to pick kits that are cheerful in tone and relate to the things they enjoy most.

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