How Arts and Crafts Can Benefit Your Toddler’s Development

If you are looking for exciting and fun ways to ensure your child reaches their full potential, arts and crafts for toddlers are a great way to do so.

When it comes to parenting, our most significant concern is the safety, well-being and development of our children. It is something we think about constantly. You know; did my child sleep well? Is my child learning as fast as they should be? Did I praise my child enough today? Am I praising the right things? What is my most important role as a parent?

These concerns are natural and necessary; after all, you are responsible. With the many challenges that come with being a parent to a toddler, ensuring they develop efficiently and correctly is one of the most material.

Whether it is through baking and cooking, stamps, colouring books, pencils and crayons or craft kits, arts and crafts for toddlers have many benefits, giving you a few fewer things to worry about.

Arts and crafts get a toddler’s mind functioning in many ways. When your toddler experiments with mixing colours, stamping and baking, they will not just be amused and delighted, your toddler will be building developmental skills, exploring their imagination and gaining a sense of independence by creating things on their own.

According to Mary Ann F. Kohl, author of Primary Art: It’s the Process, Not the Product, creating art may boost your toddler’s ability to analyse and problem-solve in myriad ways.

As parents, we know that arts and crafts for toddlers are essential, but how much do we actually know about their many benefits for improving fine motor skills, increasing their dexterity and hand-eye coordination and improving their memory and vocabulary among many other things?

Let us take an in-depth look at exactly how beneficial arts and crafts for toddlers are.

Improves Your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills

Many experts believe that there are many benefits to introducing arts and crafts in early childhood.

Besides assisting in your toddler’s emotional and spiritual development, it also helps to enhance a child’s ability to express themselves, to tap into their creative side, and be more confident.

How does it develop their fine motor skills? To understand this, let’s take a look at the activities which develop fine motor skills specifically:

  • Painting & Colouring 

Whether with a paintbrush or with a pencil or shading; your toddler will love this activity. Working with their fingers strengthens your toddler’s hand muscles, teaching them about colour and shape relationships too.

Fine motor skills can help toddlers develop faster and become more skilled in other daily activities such as getting dressed, tying their shoelaces and bathing themselves.

  • Beading & making jewellery 

Beading or making jewellery helps toddlers strengthen their hand because they have to use their pincer grasp to successful make a necklace or bracelet.

Another super simple activity is to encourage your child to fill up a jar or box with beads. This develops hand strength faster.

Increases a Toddler’s Dexterity and Hand-Eye Coordination

Arts and crafts activities will enhance your child’s dexterity and agility. With the enhancement of fine motor skills and lots of practice, a child’s manual dexterity, artistic skills, and speed will also improve.

Hand-eye coordination is imperative for tracking the movements of the hands with the eyes because it enables the eyes to send necessary signals to the brain about hand movement – an incredibly important cognitive function for your toddler to develop.

Developing this is crucial because weak hand-eye coordination can significantly affect your child’s ability to exercise and will also affect highly-necessary tasks such as writing or using a pair of scissors.

Hand-eye coordination is vital for many things, such as:

  • Handwriting 

If your child’s hand-eye coordination is underdeveloped, it will have a significantly negative effect on their handwriting. The eyes guide the hand in shaping letters and staying in between the lines on paper.

  • Reading 

Hand-eye coordination impacts eye tracking skills, which are imperative for reading.

  • Sports

Hand-eye coordination will affect your child’s ability to hit or catch a ball.

  • Music

If they show an interest in music as they grow older, poor hand-eye coordination will impact their ability to play an instrument.

Products for developing hand-eye coordination:

Make a Statement Necklace

Alex Toys’ Make a Statement Necklace creative kit is a brilliant and imaginative way for your child to express themselves.

The kit includes many colourful gem beads alongside necklace and bracelet templates, enabling your child to create big and chunky jewellery. This develops hand-eye coordination as well as creativity.

Yum Yum Sugar Berry Alphabet Bead Kit

Yum Yum Sugar Berry Alphabet Bead Kit by Bead Bazaar is a yummy selection of wooden beads and 42 alphabet pieces. This kit gives your child the opportunity to not only develop their hand strength but also helps them to recognise and start learning the alphabet.

Farm Animals My First Stamp Set

The Farm Animals My First Stamp is a wooden stamp set with easy to grasp wooden handles by Melissa & Doug. There are eight wooden stamps in this set, each one featuring a popular animal.

So, by playing with this set, your child will identify animals, and work on their hand-eye coordination by picking up the stamp and placing it on a page.

Expands Their Vocabulary

Further to the development of motor skills, arts and crafts develop and expand vocabulary. When we sit with our children and help them learn the names of colours or shapes, it can feel like a chore for them.

The beauty of art is that they will learn this while doing something stimulating and fun when working with the names of different colours, shapes and materials.

Think about how much of a headstart it will give your child when it is time for them to start school?

Encourages Their Creativity

What is the importance of creativity? It is endless, and it is the freest form of self-expression. By supporting your child to be creative, you are directly helping their young mind to understand and reflect upon feelings and experiences.

It may sound a little too complex for a toddler, but developing the foundation of creativity at this influential age will have an incredible impact on their ability to interpret, translate and reflect upon their inner thoughts and individuality as they grow older.

Perhaps one of the most essential benefits that arts and crafts give your child is the chance for them to be creative.

At this early age, giving your little one a creative outlet shows them that they are capable of making decisions. It introduces them to the endless possibility of existence; that they can be inventive in a variety of ways. A person with an unlimited imagination is one with exceptional self-confidence and high self-esteem.

If you find yourself asking when is the right time to praise your toddler, it is when they are creative.

At Big Bears Toy Box we have many products related to arts and crafts for toddlers. Some of which include:

Christmas Holly Cookie Cutters

The Christmas Holly Cookie Cutters is a beautiful set of Christmas cookie cutters that will help your child make perfect Christmas cookies. It is also an excellent activity for parent-child bonding. This allows your child to be creative but also develop hand strength.

Take-Along Games Reusable Stickers

Take-Along Games’ Reusable Stickers by Peaceable Kingdom is a packet containing four gameplay cards and 88 reusable vinyl cling sticker game pieces. It is a fantastic activity sticker set that can be used in the car, a restaurant and on an aeroplane.

These reusable stickers will not only develop your child’s decision making but also help develop their pincer grasp.

Jungle Diary with Watermelon Scented Pen

A beautiful jungle themed diary with a heart-shaped padlock with a key to keeping precious secrets safe. It even comes with a matching pen, featuring the attractive jungle images, with a fruity watermelon scent.

This arts and crafts kit will help your toddler develop vital cognitive skills such as recognising shapes and colours.

Helps Build Their Social Skills

Research shows that participation in arts activities can have a positive effect on the social and emotional development of toddlers.

Arts and crafts for toddlers help their emotional development. It helps children communicate their true feelings going a long way to helping others understand them and vice versa. It also provides sensory stimulation that can be fun, pleasurable and satisfactory in a social setting. Essentially, when children do arts and crafts activities, they learn to have fun together.

For social development, it encourages an environment that facilitates social interaction helping them practice social skills.· As a result, shy children often participate more comfortably with others when involved in arts and crafts activities.

So, by inviting your friends’ toddlers over to participate in one of our arts and crafts activities, you will essentially be helping your child develop their social skills.

As you know, social skills are incredibly vital for when they attend school and later in life when they enter the working world.

Improves Their Memory and Critical Thinking

When a child sits down to play with an arts and crafts set, they will also be improving their memory. Apart from continuously working with new shapes, patterns and colours, arts and crafts require visualising complex designs.

This results in forming a habit of visualising and remembering intricate designs that they will be able to point out or at least recognise in buildings, cars, and other structures.

Say, for instance, they build a little plastic house that requires them to assemble the foundation, walls, roof and chimney. They will remember how these parts look so that when they see the real thing, they will immediately know what it is, thus helping them develop and improve their memory.

Moreover, arts and crafts for toddlers help them develop their critical thinking. They will need to make decisions constantly. Decisions like, what colours will they use to colour in a picture? How many stickers will they place on a page?

This inspires toddlers to think critically because they will need to evaluate their own decisions so they can either repeat them or change them the next time they are doing arts and crafts.

This gives them confidence in their own decisions, also giving them insight into how much is possible.

Arts and Crafts For Toddlers: The Bottom Line

Praising your child on the many things they do when completing or performing one of our arts and crafts activities is a form of positive reinforcement. By acknowledging their achievements, you will encourage them to keep creating, keep learning and ultimately keep developing.

The importance of early childhood development has a direct effect on their overall development, and the adult they will go on to become.

The social, physical and emotional development of young children is crucial when they are toddlers, and that is why we as parents, need to invest in our young children to maximise their future well-being.

Arts and crafts for toddlers is a great way to achieve that.

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