Parents love Hape as every one of their toys is designed to enhance a child’s development.  Parents know that when a child is playing with a Hape toy the child is learning basic, age appropriate, social, emotional, sensory and physical skills.  Hape toys are creatively designed, with children first and foremost in mind.  Their toys […]

Parents of course want their young children to have fun and also to be learning and developing new skills whilst playing.  Activities that promote playing with others, that introduce him to new skills and support natural development are activities that parents are very keen to find.  Bring in a Marble Run Track!  Marble Run Track […]

Just about the whole team here are into their puzzles and games.  Some started out very young and in a series of posts about games & puzzles it seemed very appropriate to start with the standout favourite, Sudoku.  A great numbers game, Sudoku for kids is fun and challenging all at once. What is Sudoku? […]