9 Advantages of Wooden Educational Toys for Kids

Last week one of the team took delivery of the plastic racing car toy their son had wanted for ages.  This morning we have been hearing in the office how they found it broken and scattered in pieces on the kitchen floor.  Aside from the annoyance of the favourite toy being broken, she was also none too happy about having sharp bits of plastic splattered all over the room presenting a serious accident waiting to happen.  Now, we’re not against highly commercial, plastic or any other sort of toy, we’re in the toy business and know that there is a place for most things.  However, it did provide a timely reminder of how our own love affair with all things wooden and traditional came about.  We thought we would share our thoughts on the many advantages of wooden educational toys for kids.

We came up pretty quickly with the following list.  How many more would you add (or take off!) ?

  1. Learning the basic skills

With traditional wooden toys children easily learn basic skills like hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, learning about shapes and colours.

  1. Wooden toys develop interactive skills among kids

Unlike modern toys, wooden toys cannot create sounds on their own.  Children interact with these toys by supplying voice, alarms and different sounds. They take control of the situation and find new ways of communication.

  1. Learning numbers and letters

One of the best ways to start introducing letters and numbers to children is with wooden blocks with numbers or letters written on them only.

  1. Learning real life skills

There are lots of great examples of wooden toys being used as props in role play toys about everyday life including shopping, kitchens and food, cars and trucks as examples.

  1. Good environment for a positive mind

As wooden toys are noise free a child plays in a calm and quiet environment without the associated cacophony of noises from electronic toys.  In our experience this leads to greater and longer periods of engagement with wooden toys.

  1. Wooden toys are Tactile

Every wooden toy comes with some amount of weight and a child learns how much force to use to lift or exert it in different situation. This helps in developing the fine motor skills in the child.

  1. Wooden toys are safe to play

Most wooden toys come with safety in mind.  Very hard to break, especially for a small child, modern wooden toys come with very high safety standards.  This applies to the use of non toxic paints and choking hazards.

  1. Wooden toys are timeless

In the sense that alot of the wooden toys we see haven’t changed in style for many years.  The wooden building blocks we sell might have different illustrations on them or come in different packaging but they are at heart the same that our grandparents played with.  Wooden toys might not be classic heirlooms but you’d be amazed at how much is passed between generations!

  1. Wooden toys are beautiful

They really are.  There’s nothing quite like it in terms of the immediate sense of quality and durability you get.  We get alot of feedback from parents and grandparents that wooden toys are a go to gift for all occasions.

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