Online Shopping | September Survey Results

Online Shopping Survey Results

In September, we ran a short online shopping survey, the first in a series of short surveys we will be conducting into online shopping behaviour.  As an eCommerce retailer, we want to know how shoppers think and act online and so we have been keen to do a survey of this sort for some time.

Going forward, we will be looking to develop our research and look forward to sharing that with you also.  In the meantime, here is the feedback from September’s short survey.

As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

September Survey

Q 1  When buying a gift for your child’s birthday, how much do you typically spend?

A significant proportion of respondents spending more than £50 on gifts which is a significant figure.  In our experience, this is generally the total spend on a number of items rather than a single item purchase.

Q.2  When buying a gift for a friend or relative’s child, how much do you typically spend?

This chart is almost the mirror image of that for Q1, perhaps unsurprisingly.  However, £20 for a birthday party gift (or similar) is still noteworthy.  We’ve taken note for our next birthday party gift shopping trip!

Q.3  What is your preferred payment method for online shopping?

In some ways, no surprises here with Visa/Mastercard clearly the preferred option for online shopping. We did think Apple & Amazon Pay might be higher, however, we will be keeping an eye on this and it will be interesting to monitor the trend in the use of Amazon & Apple Pay going forward.  What about you?  If use Apple pay, for example, do you use it all the time or just for some purchases?  Anyone out there using Android pay?

Q.4  When choosing shipping options, what is more important to you?

Speed seems to be key only for last minute shoppers (Christmas especially!) which is very much in line with our experience here.

Q.5  Would you pay more to be able to pick an exact date & time for delivery?

We were interested to see the response to this. Yes a majority won’t but a very significant minority would.  Whilst most customers are happy with standard delivery times, the added nuisance of delayed delivery and possibility of having to collect from a depot seems to translate into openness to paying more to avoid that.

Q.6  If you are not at home to accept delivery, do you prefer:

No appetite for waiting around for orders or collecting from a depot, no surprises here.

Q.7  If you have a question, do you prefer:

Even though we live in a digital age, customers still want to be able to speak to someone. Live chat has the feel of a conversation and so still preferred over email which lacks the instantaneous feel of the phone or live chat.

Q.8  If via email, how quickly do you expect to get a response to you query?

Almost half of respondents who chose email happy to hear any time the same day. Again surprised as that seems like quite a long time. We would normally expect to hear back from suppliers and other partners same day. But a query from a customer who has contacted us via our website we would expect to handle quicker.

Q.9  When shopping online do you ever add an item to your cart and then not checkout?

That’s quite a lot of customers and quite a lot of items not bought.  Do you remember the last time you did this and why?

Q.10 . If yes, what was the main reason?


This needs more exploring. Not applicable/Other accounting for almost 50% of all responses. 25% changed their minds – an impulse purchase that they thought better of? Checkout too complicated – only 5% but 5% can still be a lot of customers to lose for a high volume business.  What was your reason?  Not on the list?  Let us know why in the comments section.


We hope you found this short survey interesting.  Clearly, this is a huge subject that cannot be adequately covered in one 10 question survey.  It does, however, give us a snap shot of a number of area and we will be returning to the subject again soon.

Survey conducted 1/9/17 to 30/9/17. 56 respondents, no data on age or gender in this survey.

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Online Shopping Survey Results
In September, we ran our short 10 question online shopping survey. In this article we have published the results along with some brief comment.
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