In Our Spotlight: Our Generation

Committed to adding value to the girls of today’s world, Our Generation is so much more than a toy brand.

“We are an extraordinary generation of girls. And have we got a story to tell.” – Our Generation

girl playing with ice cream van play set

As a manufacturer of 18” inch dolls with a massive range of accessories to match, Our Generation has become widely known and loved by girls around the world. Their purpose goes far beyond any of their dolls or other items.

Our Generation aims to create and explore the narrative of young girls growing up in a challenging time. Through a range dolls with unique personalities and characteristics, the brand is focused on helping girls in an inclusionary way, provide them with a platform to explore their encounters and make an impact on the world – all while having fun and being a kid!

girl carrying red haired doll in back pack

“Every girl is different and has a unique story to tell. An Our Generation Doll is more than just another doll for girls to play with. They are dolls that inspire girls to be who they want to be, giving girls their own unique voice, in a generation where there are increasing pressures for girls to be a certain way.

This generation has girls with different personalities. Some girls love sports, others love science, some enjoy arts, crafts and fashion. Some girls prefer to stay inside and bake whilst others love exploring and spending time outside. Our generation dolls represent this generation of girls, girls who have different interests but are still growing up together and being friends with those who have different stories to tell.”

Meet the Dolls

The range of beautiful dolls is made up of regular dolls, deluxe dolls, speciality dolls, hair play dolls and retro dolls.

Each doll is made to be unique. With a unique story, each doll has a special way of relating to young girls in different ways. The dolls aim to inspire and encourage young girls to be themselves, dream big and believe in themselves and their abilities.


doll dressed as doctor

This dreamy doctor is passionate about helping people and saving lives.


doll with very long red hair

With gorgeous red hair that grows, she’s perfect for girls who love creating new hairstyles.

Well-Travelled Luggage Accessory Set

doll ready for holiday with suitcase and camera

Time for an adventure! Hit the road in style with this incredible travel set.

Ready to Ride

doll dressed up for horse riding carrying whip

The perfect accessory for horse lovers! This adorable riding set comes with everything you need to get ready for a pony ride.

We have an entire toy box of Our Generation Dolls to choose from on our site. Head over to our online store and place an order today! We offer free delivery for UK orders over 40GBP and new customers receive 10% off with the code NEW10.

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